In this tutorial I will show how to add an application to your Plesk server based on the nodejs requirements of your application. Your application can require Node.js as a production environment or simply for the development process. DEVELOPMENT PROCESS NODEJS If your application requires Node.js just when you are developing new features or fixing

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Sometimes happens, that a dedicated server where are hosted virtual domains to be blacklisted. Either because a user of a domain from the server, or a compromised account, or the server is hacked, undesired emails are sent to people who rightfully list our server to several black lists. In some cases they forget they had

7 tips and tricks to do after you get a PLESK dedicated server

Companies that offer dedicated servers don’t usually offer any information as to what they’ve installed on your server—in most cases you end up with a stock OS and an out-of-the-box control panel, usually cPanel or Plesk. And from this point onward you’re the one responsible for what happens on this server, including hacks, cracks and

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This tutorial applies for REDHAT/FEDORA/CentOS, which we highly recommend. If you want to get updates on this tutorial, please subscribe to our newsletter. So let’s see how to setup a PLESK dedicated server. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BEGINNERS of Plesk dedicated server Before getting started, make sure you have solid knowledge of SSH or you may

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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BEGINNERS Before getting started, make sure you have solid knowledge of SSH or you may irreversibly ruin your server. Want to skip to the easy part? We’ll setup everything below for a $150 one-time fee. If you have the time and feel adventurous, carry on reading. Login with SSH and enter as