Plesk crash recovery


Web hosting servers with PLESK often crash either because of a hard disk failure, a virus or due to hacking. In these cases you need to recover the latest data from the hard disk. Our disaster recovery service does that for you.




“I have a server of approximately 50 domains. Yesterday one of the clients’ applications was hacked, a troian was inserted to the server and the team from the datacenter told me I have to reinstall the operation system. They put my old hard disk in the new server, but it is my duty to recover the data. I have a backup made with PLESK one week ago, but I would like to have recovered the last data from the server. What can I do. Datacenter will reinstall Linux with PLESK.”

“I have over 150 domains, yesterday I did something to the server and today it wouldn’t boot. I have reinstalled Linux with PLESK, but with the new 8.3 PLESK, not the 8.1 that I’ve had before and I also want my latest data. What can I do? I have access to the old hard disk, it is installed.”

These kind of problems occur almost daily – we see these kinds of things on forums and hear them from our clients— and almost always the recovery process is done manually. Why manually? The templates have to be recreated, as well as clients and their domains, their databases, their mail users (usually in the hundreds), the data from the old server has to be restored (databases, web pages and the unread e-mails).

YOU NEED a super-fast solution.
Our disaster recovery service can restore the data from the old HDD and recreate all the data. Usually the process takes a few hours as opposed to days. Below you’ll find the exact processes we undertake and their success rate. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a 100% recovery for each of them, however a 80-95% success rate is standard, with the rest of the processes done manually at a later time:

Service Success rate
Recreating the templates 90%
Recreating the clients 100%
Recreating the domains based on names, with FTP user on virtual hosting 98%
Recreating the domains based on packages (PHP, ASP etc) 80-90%
Recreating the subdomains based on names, with FTP user on virtual hosting 98%
Recreating the subdomains based on packages (PHP, ASP etc) 80-90%
Recreating the databases with user name and password (MySQL) 98%
Recreating the email addresses 95-98%
Recreating the email addresses with specific settings (forward, alias etc) 90%
Recreating the webusers 95%
Recreating of the old database – MyISAM (in case of InnoDB can occur problems) 99%
Recreating of read, unread, sent messages 100%
Recreating of web sites, giving back the user rights 99%

– We’re unable to successfully recover some ColdFusion, Postgres and other specific settings for some servers. Your server administrator will have to redo these settings.
– After the data recovery, your server administrator has to verify the sites and the recovered data within 24 hours and sign-off the recovery process. He also has to be available on messenger during the data recovery process.
– In case of failure, a 75% refund is offered. The time of the recovery is between 4-8 hours depending on the number of domains and the problems identified on the server. Each assignment will be planned together with the server administrator.


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