Power Toys for Plesk – The Ultimate Plesk AddOn


Power Toys for Plesk adds frequently used actions not yet present in the Plesk UI.

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Supercharge your Plesk servers with Power Toys for Plesk, the most versatile, powerful and user friendly Plesk addon on the market today.

Power Toys for Plesk allows you to administer Plesk servers easily and intuitively, augmenting existing Plesk features and enhancing others, as well as adding frequently used actions not yet present in the Plesk user interface.

Power Toys comes with a two-tier level access, one for server administrators and the other for domain owners, each of them with its unique set of features.

Important Notice: Power Toys v4.9.8 is compatible with Plesk versions from 7.5 up to 12.5
Power Toys v5.2.x is compatible with Plesk 12.5 and newer. 

Power Toys For Server Administrators

SMS Alert for Mailqueue: In the Amazon SMS settings, you may now set a phone number on which you will be prompted as the administrator. Thus, in case you have more messages in your mail queue exceeding the number set in your config, you will receive an SMS message to check your server. It is a tool to prevent site hacks (WordPress or similar) that send out e-mails in a very short interval. If the alert was by email, it would just have been queued and not delivered. Meanwhile the SMS is delivered instantly.

Push notifications forMailqueue alerts are also available via OneSignal. Signing up and using OneSignal is free of charge and you will receive PowerToys notifications in the browser.

Password Revealer – Displays passwords generated by Plesk, including encrypted ones (when using security enhanced mode). Includes email notifications for the domain owner using a customizable template when new domains are added. V5.2 allows the sending of notifications via SMS using Amazon SNS Services, which will incur extra charges.

Email Subject Changer* – Allows you to change the default subject for email notifications sent by Plesk.

Custom DNS* – Add your own custom entries to a single domain

Domain Statistics – Displays the current status of a domain and verifies if the domain is pointed to the server and is properly configured. (V5 adds MX, A and DNS records)

MySQL Remote Admin User Manager*– Allows server administrators to set up remote access to databases, eliminating the need to use phpMyAdmin locally.

Whois* – provides instant whois services for domains

Newsletter* – a simple newsletter system that allows you to send out information to your clients

VHOST Config* – Individually configure apache conf for each domain. Includes mod_suphp configurator.

Domain Alias* – Easily redirect similar domains to a main one

Qmail Queue* – Manipulate the email queue on your server, by viewing, reading and deleting emails from the queue.

Domains expired – Domain expiration viewer with included notification for domain owners. Now on dashboard too!

Spam Email Address Creator – Quickly create standard email addresses, such as or which are used within various spamlists.

Power Toys For Domain Owners

Configure Outlook – Easily configure Outlook by generating and sending a small file with all necessary settings to a particular user.

Hotlink Protection* – Prevent bandwidth stealing with this easy to use tool that protects specified file types from being hotlinked.

Speed up your site* – A simple tool that reduces page load time and saves bandwidth using .htaccess directives.

Password Revealer – Displays passwords generated by Plesk, including encrypted ones.

2-step checklist for installing Plesk Power Toys:

  1. GCC compiler installed (for VHOST config and Domain Alias only)*
  2. Full root access to the server*

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  • Priority access to server management services

Tight on time? Or just want to make sure Power Toys will install properly and as fast as possible? Get the server install & config package with Power Toys.

*applies only to version 4.9.x


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